Sonic’s Most Horrific injury will force Tails into the spotlight


Warning! Ahead of the spoilers of Sonic the Hedgehog #51!

With the exception of the time when he almost became a zombie robot, Sonic the Hedgehog has never been so seriously injured before as in the last issue of his comic book series, and this will force Tails to play the role of a hero, if nothing radical prevents it. from what is happening.

Much earlier, in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games from IDW, Sonic became infected with Dr. Eggman’s out-of-control metal virus, which could turn living beings into zombie robots, or, as they were called Blue Blur, into zombies. The virus may have made the hedgehog feel “nasty”, but all Sonic had to do was keep moving at high speeds (or turn into Super Sonic) so as not to mutate into a zombie. He was also still able to fight and was able to defeat both the virus and the Deadly Six even while infected, not to mention the fact that Sonic’s illness didn’t put any additional pressure on Tails. Instead, victory depended only on Sonic and Silver the Hedgehog.

But Sonic’s latest and most severe injury is likely to make his young friend much stronger, as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog #51 by Ian Flynn, Adam Bryce Thomas, Mauro Fonseca, Rick Mack, Heather Breckel and Sean Lee. When Sonic, Tails and Belle-Tinkerer are trying to escape from the absurdly named Eggman’s Eggperial City on a hijacked shuttle, Metal Sonic breaks through its hull, causing the ship to make an emergency landing. As a result, the accident is so severe that Sonic not only injured his leg bent in an unnatural position, but the heroes did not have time to leave the city.

Since Sonic cannot use his speed, the responsibility not only to get out of Eggperial City, but also to fight with everyone who stands in their way, will fall on his comrades. Unfortunately for Sonic and Tails, the last chapters proved that Belle-Tinkerer is unfit for combat, and she admitted it herself. Interestingly, in addition to the presence of Metal Sonic, at the end of the last chapter, the replacement of the cyborg Tail by the Kitsune “Whale” is shown, the awakening of Fenek for the first time since the fox and Fenek first fought. Since Metal Sonic has already proven that he either doesn’t want to or can’t hurt Belle because she was created by Dr. Eggman, it’s likely that everything will fall on Tails to protect his friends and get them out of there.

Although there has been speculation that Keith might join Tails and his friends, the cyborg’s facial expression when he wakes up doesn’t seem to support this theory, meaning Tails will have a lot of work to do in the next release. Metal Sonic will not fight Belle and will instead likely focus on Tails because his live counterpart is immobilized. This will undoubtedly be Tails’ most important moment in the IDW series, and that’s saying something. The two-tailed fox shone brightly for the first time when he came to the aid of Sonic with an invention that defeated the Deadly Six. Then, in the latest issue, Tails had his first one-on-one battle against a Whale that has special hydraulic powers that he himself does not have. This forced the fox to rely on his wits and intelligence to defeat him. We hope that the next installment of Sonic the Hedgehog will continue this trend, placing Tails in a harsher environment in which fox will eventually come out on top.


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