Sonic: Yakuza maker wants to make a character game


Yakuza franchise producer Daisuke Sato was one of the guests in the recent series of special interviews in celebration of Sega’s 60th birthday. During the chat on YouTube, the Ryo Go Gotoku Studio dev revealed a curious desire.

In one part of the conversation, Sato said that he would like to work “at least once” on a Sonic series game. According to him, this is an intellectual property of the Japanese company that he would like to “try”.

“When you hear the name Sega, you immediately think of Sonic”, explains the producer. “But I wouldn’t like to make a title like it used to, I think about producing a completely different game”.

Despite the comment, Sato did not elaborate on the possible game. Anyway, it would be interesting to see a title of the blue hedgehog in the hands of the same team that created the success Yakuza.

Check out the video with the full interview below:

And to you? How should a Sonic game be made by the developers of the Yakuza series? Tell us in the comments!

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