Sonic The Movie 2 Takes Off In Its Vibrant Final Trailer


Sonic: The sequel starring SEGA’s hedgehog opens in theaters on April 1. SEGA’s mascot returns to his natural form in Sonic The Movie 2, the sequel to the film released last year 2020. At lightning speed, and this time with company, the hedgehog will fight against the forces of the evil Dr. Robotinik. Both he and his partner Tails will have to face the villain’s Machiavellian plans, which has the collaboration of Knuckles. All these ingredients are present in the final trailer that Paramount has published and that you can see on these lines.

At breakneck speed the hero duo descend through a snowy location, as always pursued by the mad doctor’s machines. Fortunately, thanks to the power of the ring, they are able to open a portal and escape just as they are about to be caught. Your destiny? A wedding, and the bride doesn’t seem to be very happy.

In addition to the trailer, the film’s official social media account has distributed a very nostalgic poster. And it is that the composition of the cover pays homage to the cover of Mega Drive Sonic 2: Doctor Robotnik appears holding the number “2” in the presence of Sonic and Tails.

Interrupted vacation

Sonic The Movie 2 takes place after the events of the first, when the hero is resting from his hard work as a savior. Evil, unfortunately, never sleeps, especially if it comes from a character as twisted as Dr. Robotnik. Apparently, he covets an Emerald with the power to build entire civilizations…and to destroy them. Sonic knows perfectly well which foot the villain is limping on, so he decides to pause his vacation and put his overalls back on. It’s time to save the world once again.

The sequel to the film will hit Spanish theaters on April 1. In addition, Sonic The Movie 3 has already been officially confirmed, as well as a new live-action series. As if that were not enough, Netflix is ​​preparing an animated series.