Sonic the Hedgehog sets its premiere in April 2022


After a series of delays due to the coronavirus, the producer Paramount Pictures has the same equipment for the production of this sequel.

A few months ago, after its box office success, the sequel to the movie Sonic The Hedgehog was confirmed, when Paramount Pictures gave the green light to this second part. Now, the millions of fans of the famous blue hedgehog already know how long they have to wait to enjoy it, since the producer has dated the premiere of it for April 2022, specifically on the 8th.

Actor Ben Schwartz, who plays Sonic, thus celebrated the news on his Twitter profile, confirming in passing the officiality of the news.

Sonic overcame all the difficulties of 2020

Paramount Pictures released this news as part of a restructuring of dates, after various delays due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The main film affected was A Quiet Place 2, whose premiere had to be delayed until 2021, but also Sonic The Hedgehog was influenced by this pandemic, since its release in mid-February of this same year took place shortly before they began to Take measures such as forced confinement, which also caused it to hit digital and streaming platforms earlier than expected.

Despite this fact, the virus did not arrive in time to prevent the film from becoming an unprecedented success for a video game-based tape. Without going any further, it was able to raise the not inconsiderable figure of 58 million dollars in the weekend of its premiere, reaching the current 306 million counting the income of the aforementioned domestic platforms. All this without counting that the film has not even been released in China, something that will happen next weekend and before which Paramount rubs its hands, since it considers the Chinese one of the most lucrative markets.

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In the face of this second part, the director of the original is back, and thus, Jeff Fowler will be back on camera, with Pat Casey and Josh Miller also in charge of the script. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is currently in its earliest stages of production, so it can be expected that Paramount will still be late in sharing information about the film.


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