Sonic Team spoke in detail about the role of Super Sonic in Sonic Frontiers


Sonic Team”, “Super Sonic”, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Sonic Borders”. “Sega ” Tokyo Game Show”. The publisher confirmed that the event will be dedicated to the flagship mascot and the upcoming game with an open area, as well as a free demonstration of the gameplay. What fans didn’t expect to see was the unveiling of Super Sonic in the latest trailer Sound Borders.

This came as a big shock to fans, as players usually unlock Super Sonic as a bonus feature separate from the main plot, or if the plot involves Chaos Emeralds needed to use transformation, they are reserved for the Final Boss. Sonic Boundaries shows that once Sonic has collected all the gems, he will use their power to fight one of the Titans’ bosses roaming the world. In a recent interview with IGN dal dal Japan, director Morio Kishimoto notes that this is one of the highlights of the game, where there are some battles where Super Sonic is required.

which the player will not be able to defeat as an ordinary Sonic, that there are several bosses in the Sound Borders that the player will not be able to defeat as an ordinary Sonic. These bosses can be seen walking around the world, for example, the aforementioned Titan. He explicitly mentions that if players collect all seven Chaos Emeralds on the islands, they will unlock the transformation. From there, Super Sonic is the only way players can fight these bosses, as shown in a recent trailer.

From there, Kishimoto notes that this breaks the trend that has been in many Sonic games over the years, acknowledging that Super Sonic will only appear during the final game or final boss. He assumes that these bosses will be one of the strongest villains of Sonic, where they will be more difficult than the rest. He even compares that some of these Titan bosses will be similar to the final bosses.

Kishimoto notes that Super Sonic’s set of moves in the borders will also be completely different, which suggests another level of combat that players will recognize when the game comes out. Since players can find this powerful form in the main game, fans assume that Super Sonic will not be used during the final boss itself. Some believe that since the story focuses on Sonic’s obvious corruption, the blue spot will receive an alternative super mode that uses this aspect, similar to other disposable superforms such as Black-Backed Sonic or Excalibur Sonic from Sonic Games, a collection of short stories on Viya.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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