Sonic Speed Simulator: how to unlock Sonic


If there’s one thing Sonic the Hedgehog is best known for, it’s how many fans watch the series when they “need to move fast.” Sonic Speed Simulator is a great Roblox game for those who love the dynamic action that the blue spot is famous for, but it can be difficult for beginners to get used to at first. None of the characters in the series can be played at the beginning, which means that players have to rely on their avatar until they find out how to unlock Sonic.

Sonic Speed Simulator is a game created in the Roblox game creation system by Gamefam Studios with the support of Sega. While Roblox may offer images of blocky, cartoon characters in buggy, simplistic games for some, Sonic Speed Simulator stands out because it lives up to its name and gives players several giant Sonic levels to run around as much as they like.

How to unlock Sonic the hedgehog

To unlock Sonic the Hedgehog himself, beginners in Sonic Speed Simulator will need to adjust to a rather slow speed at the beginning of the game.

While making their way through the Green Hill area, players will encounter Omochao, who will tell them to find the sound card. This item gives players access to the first unlockable character in the game.

How to get a sound card

What makes it difficult for newcomers to the game to get a Sonic Card is that Sonic Speed Simulator uses speed and power characteristics as part of its level system to encourage players to keep playing to get faster.

Because of this, fans need to run around the world as best they can to reach about level 18 to get a Sonic Card, thanks to low speeds that just knock them off the rails after a short time.

Once players reach this level, they must travel to the end of the map, south of the main entry point into the world. They have to find the lone spring behind the loop. Jumping on this spring with a high enough maximum speed should automatically put players on the rails higher and give them enough momentum to grab the first character card to finally unlock Sonic.

Sonic Speed Simulator can be played in Roblox, available on mobile devices, PC and Xbox One.