Sonic Reveals New Movie Poster And Confirms Trailer At TGA 2021


Sonic: This week we had strong speculation that we would see a new Sonic game at The Game Awards 2021. But it could be that the hype Sega was trying to raise for its blue hedgehog was actually in relation to Sonic 2: The Movie. This is what indicates the unveiling of a new poster and confirmation of a trailer at the event.


The poster for the new Sonic movie features its very prominent hero on the cover, mounted on Tails’ traditional red plane, with his faithful squire appearing to pilot the plane. Following the protagonists, we see Jim Carrey as Robotnik, looking much closer to the games, not only for the character, but also for his spaceship.

The image reminds us that the film opens on April 8th, and the tweet text informs us that the first trailer for Sonic 2: The Movie will be revealed during TGA 2021.

Exciting news for anyone looking forward to the new movie, and possibly a bucket of cold water for anyone wanting a game.

Of course, the film’s presence at the event does not cancel out the possibility of having a game revealed as well, even more so with the information we saw leaking this week that even indicated a possible name for the game: Sonic Frontiers.

In any case, it seems that Sonic’s participation in The Game Awards this year will not be modest. Nothing fairer for the year the mascot turned 30 years old. The TGA will take place tomorrow, December 9, at 9:00 pm, but Voxel will be live at 7:00 pm and will have simultaneous translation of the event. Come with us!