Sonic Prime: Leak Reveals Netflix Series Visual


Sonic Prime: New images of the animation Sonic Prime, a 3D cartoon from Netflix, were released on Wednesday (23). However, this is not the case of an official distribution from any of the companies involved in the production, but rather of a leak made by Patrick Horan, from ArtStation.

The series, which was commissioned by the streaming platform, is being jointly produced by SEGA, Man of Action Entertainment and WildBrain. Apparently, the leak made by Patrick Horan was unintentionally, as the images were removed after a while.

However, there was enough time for them to be shared and saved by fans around the planet. This is the example of the Tails Channel Twitter account, which left a tweet attached to the material.

The leaked images from the Sonic Prime series

According to information, the images released by Patrick are not animation scenes or something like that, but actually some pieces of conceptual art from the series Sonic Prime. So, provide a peek at what the art direction of the cartoon might look like.

Without the context of the images, they seem a bit loose and end up revealing the look of some characters in the show. Among those who had leaked content, are Sonic, Tails, Amy and Dr. Eggman.

The Sonic Prime animation is slated to debut on the Netflix catalog in 2022.


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