Sonic Origins: How to Unlock Mirror Mode


New Sonic Origins offers players the opportunity to play classic games by introducing new game modes such as Mirror mode. Sonic Origins is a celebration of Sonic’s birthday, during which four classic Sega Genesis games appeared on modern consoles: Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD. This follows the recent trend of returning retro-style games like TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. The titles are redesigned for modern consoles, although players have the option to play them with the original 4:3 aspect ratio, called Classic mode. In addition to the classic mode, Sega has updated all four games for widescreen playback in anniversary mode. This isn’t the only new game mode; players can also unlock mirror mode.

Sonic Origins offers players, both old and new, the opportunity to relive past experiences of classic Sonic games. In addition to the classic mode, Sonic Origins also brings back the core element of old-school console games: local co-op. Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, two of the four games in Sonic Origins, offer local co-op, just like the originals. Sonic Origins is listed for $40, but to add more content, players can also use the story mode, in which they go through all four games in one long series, with the addition of a completely new animation and cartoon to tie the games together. Another new feature encouraging players to come back is the new Mirror mode.

The mirror mode in Sonic Origins gives players the opportunity to go through each stage in reverse order, where Sonic runs from right to left. All bosses, puzzles and level elements are mirrored, but other than that there are no new tasks. This is similar to the updated Ocarina of Time Master Mode, where the dungeons have been changed to encourage players familiar with the layout of the levels to return to the game for a new challenge.

How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

There are several ways players can get mirror mode in Sonic Origins. If players want to unlock it immediately, they can purchase DLC that will make it available instantly, although there is no need to pay for mirror mode. To unlock Mirror mode, players need to do one of the following:

Pre-order the Standard Edition base game, which will include 100 bonus coins, mirror mode and mailbox background for playing in Classic Mode 4:3. Purchase the downloadable content of the Start Dash Pack, which is currently available for free when pre-ordering, or for free when purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition. Sonic Origins is planning more DLC. Get the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes all the features of all DLC: the main game, 100 bonus coins, mirror mode, challenging missions, mailbox background for the classic 4:3 mode, character animation. In the main menu, the camera controls the main menu islands, character animations during music islands, and additional music tracks from other Sega Megadrive and Genesis games. Unlock it in-game by completing all four games in Anniversary Mode, the digitally updated version. designed for modern screens.