Sonic : What we would like to see in the rest of the movie


Sonic, the film officially gets a sequel, and here is what we would like to find at all costs in the second part of the solo adventures of the coolest hedgehog in the world!

Sonic, the film officially gets a sequel, and fans quickly responded to the news. Unsurprisingly, aficionados of the little blue hedgehog were delighted to find the hero of video games in a second part of his solo adventures. As a bonus, given the post-generic scene of the film, this sequel could be closer to video games. Indeed, while Sonic, Tom (James Marsden) and Maddie managed to send the naughty Dr Robotnik ( Jim Carrey ) into the world of Mushrooms, a new character from the franchise has appeared. Hint: he’s red, he flies, and knows how to pilot and repair machines … You understand, it’s Tails who will land in Sonic 2 !If Paramount and Sega have not yet revealed who will lend his voice to Miles Prower, we suspect that he will double an important character. While waiting to learn more, here is what we would like to see in the following adventures of the little blue hedgehog.


In video games, Tails and Sonic are very close and we would like this strong relationship to be exploited in the rest of the film. If it is not yet known why Tails landed in Green Hills, he seems determined to find his sidekick as soon as possible. Does he want to inform him of a danger? Are detractors from other universes looking for him? Perhaps the bird that cared for him during his childhood had concerns … Whatever the reason, we suspect that Tails will be of great support for Sonic! The little hedgehog will also be happy to find (or discover, depending on the direction taken by the plot) another living being of its kind. Tom, Maddie, Sonic and Tails could be a family.


If Dr. Robotnik has been sent to a world populated by mushrooms and he is destined to die there, we suspect that this ugly scientist will come back! We saw it at the end of Sonic, the film , the robotics expert kept a thorn of the little blue hedgehog. As we know, each of them contains electricity and we suspect that the latter will use it to design a new device allowing him to escape. He could also use it to design a carbon copy of Sonic, which he would put together to create a dangerous main antagonist. Anyway, if the mad Dr. returns to earth, he will have only one motivation: to take revenge on Tom and Sonic!Since Tails is an expert in mechanics, we can hope that he helps his friends to thwart Dr. Robotnik’s plans …


If Tails arrives in the future component, we can hope that other characters from the franchise are also part of the adventure. We think in particular of Amy Rose, Metal Sonic or Knuckles, just to add a little spice to the script! We would also like the hero of the show to now be able to live freely on earth, and to really prove to us what he is capable of. It would also be interesting to see him acquire new rings, and return to take a tour of his original world to learn more about its history and origins . Finally, the sequel could introduce us to the iconic Super Sonic in the sequel – which was initially planned from the first installment. The project could stick more to Sonic video games and it is the gamers fans of this type of adaptations who will be delighted!


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