Sonic is a Psychiatrist in Crossover with Two Point Hospital


Sonic: This Friday (30), SEGA and Studio Two Point announced a crossover of the Sonic franchise at Two Point Hospital. In celebration of the blue hedgehog’s 30th birthday, the hospital simulator won costumes for the Sonic, Amy, Knucles and Tails characters for employees, as well as decorative items such as paintings and statues; check out the trailer below.

In addition to the event, the game is free until August 2nd, with 75% discount on the base game – R$21.99 – and 50% off on DLCs on Steam; the promotion ends on the 5th.

Nintendo eShop also has the trial available until the 3rd of August, with a 30% discount on all game content until the 8th. Finally, Xbox Live subscribers can experience Two Point Hospital until the first day, with the same switch price drop until the 9th.

Two Point Hospital

Released in August 2018, the game tries to bring back the gameplay, humor and aesthetics of the classic Theme Hospital (1997), by Bullfrog Productions; Mark Webley, Gary Carr, founders of Two Point Studios, worked at Bullfrog.

The studio was acquired by SEGA in 2019 and announced Two Point Campus this year during Summer Game Fest 2021.


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