Sonic Frontiers: November Release Date Seems to have Leaked


Sega itself seems to have announced the November release date of Sonic Frontiers after a new trailer for the game appeared on YouTube, which was quickly deleted.

Industry insider Nibel noticed the new trailer (below) by taking a screenshot of its title screen, which shows the release date of November 8. This corresponds to the previously scheduled fourth quarter of 2022 indicated by Sega, although the publisher has not yet explicitly confirmed this new date.

The trailer was publicly available on the Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel for only a few minutes before it quickly became private again (and therefore unavailable to view). Most likely, the trailer that Sega planned to release during Gamescom teased the game’s official Twitter account yesterday, August 22.

The new Japanese Sonic Frontiers commercial Includes a Release Date of November 8th

Confirming that it will be shown today, August 23, the trailer will most likely be officially shown during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, as host Jeff Cayley has already confirmed that Sonic Frontiers will appear.

IGN will be live streaming the entire two-hour show, which will take place at 11:00 Pacific Time/ 14:00 Eastern Time/ 19:00 UK time (and therefore at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time), and will also host an After Show with our own exclusive revelations, interviews and in-depth dives. around the biggest ads.

Sonic Frontiers is the first game of the franchise with an “open zone”, which promises an extensive plot, a unique combat system and a completely new approach to three—dimensional sound games.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He’ll be talking about the Witcher all day.


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