“Sonic Frontiers” Gets Photo Mode and New Challenges


The Sights, Sounds And Speed update for Sonic Frontiers has been released, and the Sega developer has listed a photo mode, new test modes and much more in the game.

Although the update was announced today (March 20), players won’t have to wait long to play it, as it will be released on March 23.

As for what it includes, Sega said that “Views, Sounds and Speed” will introduce a photo mode that gives players a camera to move freely and seven different filters to create screenshots.

The update will also introduce a number of new challenge modes that can be played directly through the Sonic Frontiers menu after completing the main story.

While in Cyber Space Challenge, players must complete seven stages on each of the game’s islands before time runs out, Battle Rush will present a “special surprise” to players who can quickly defeat waves of Guardians and Titans.

Finally, Sights, Sounds, And Speed will also add a Jukebox feature to Frontiers. The jukebox will allow players to listen to music from Frontiers and the wider Sonic series, including such as “Live & Learn” from Sonic Adventure 2, “Open Your Heart” and a metal track by Merry Kirk-Holmes for Frontiers.

There will be 53 songs in total in Jukebox. 13 of them will be unlocked automatically, and players will need to find sound memories to unlock the remaining 40.

Looking ahead, Sega announced that Sonic Frontiers will be updated with “new features, challenges, playable characters and more” through two more updates scheduled for later this year.

Sonic Frontiers was launched in November 2022, and NME awarded it three stars out of five in our review.

“A game stuck between ideas, Sonic Frontiers is bland and unsatisfactory,” the review says. “Despite the emotional story and exciting stages of Portal, Sega’s open world format is failing due to repetitive grind and lack of content.”

As for other gaming news, Blizzard Entertainment told NME that problems with the Diablo 4 server during beta testing will make the launch of the game “much better.”


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