Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Trailer Highlights Its Biggest Challenge


In the new gameplay trailer, fans saw the new Sonic Frontiers gameplay, including what could be a big problem for the game. Weavers considered some promising aspects, such as the fascinating platformer and energetic fighting styles of Sonic Frontiers. What hasn’t really been shown is Sonic the Hedgehog’s signature speed.

Sonic Frontiers, presented at last year’s Game Awards with a teaser trailer, was met with mixed reactions. Some are optimistic that Frontiers can start a new chapter in the franchise and bring back the Sonic The Hedgehog series from recent mistakes. On the other hand, it may be borrowing the wrong ideas from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, creating an open-world Sonic game only to simulate Breath of the Wild, and not for any real gaming purpose.

This is evident from the biggest problem shown in the latest Sonic Frontiers game trailer: the lack of passing options. Sonic quickly climbs the towers and gains impressive speed on the branded rails of the series. But, running around the open world, Sonic seems to move much slower and with almost no variety in his movements. In the best Sonic the Hedgehog games, fun moves are crucial. Even if the game offers fun speed-based platform challenges in the tower parts of the game world, it won’t make much difference if completing these tasks is tedious.

Sonic Frontiersmen need more fun in the open world

While platformers look funny, Sonic running through the open world looks a bit slow and uninteresting. Since the open world is likely to be more a part of the game than a platformer, if this walkthrough is not fun, it can alienate players. Unfortunately, if the open world movement looks bland now, it’s hard to imagine that it can improve, especially considering that Sonic Frontiers may be released as early as November.

At the same time, perhaps the trailer simply did not show all the options for Sonic’s movement. A notable missing technique was Sonic’s signature jerk. Although this maneuver is not included in many 3D games, it would be a fantastic way to give Sonic more movement options and ways to gain momentum in a new vast open world. The trailer can be viewed below:

The first gameplay trailer for Sonic Frontiers showed that the game still has a lot to work on. The lack of speed and fun movement options will hurt any Sonic game, but it will hurt even more in an open-world Sonic game. Let’s hope that some elements that just weren’t shown, and Sonic’s first outing into the open world, may still have more options for speed and movement.