Sonic Frontiers: details about the role of Amy, Coconut and the Ares Island area


Sonic Frontiers transforms the Sonic franchise from a linear structure based on levels into an open-world adventure. This was one of the most talked about aspects of the game, along with linear stages through a set of Cyber Space levels based on past Sonic games. After the full disclosure of the game, fans received a lot of information about it at various presentations and demonstrations of the gameplay at industry events such as Gamescom.

The Gamescom public demo allowed fans to master the early build of the game, giving them the opportunity to try out battles, explore the open world and much more. Overall, the reaction to the demo was positive: many fans were satisfied with Sonic Frontiers after the initial unpleasant impressions. After the completion of Gamescom, the Japanese Gamer website shared some information about the new area known as Ares Island, as well as how Amy is related to Coco, who will be featured in this game.

The website featured brand new images of Amy Rose, as well as Coco’s characters. According to Google’s rough translation, Amy will play an important role in collecting Coco in Sonic Frontiers. Although she is initially locked in cyberspace, after being released, she can communicate with Coco and help anyone who gets lost. Players can find Kocos in the world to the sounds of wind chiming when they are nearby.

Coco from Sonic Frontiers is a collection of collectible items in the game, similar to the seeds of the crust from Breath of the Wild. Also, for the first time, two outstanding members of Kocos were shown with a full 3D rendering in addition. They are known as the Elder and Hermit Coconut, the first is a short and fat creature with a shaggy beard, and the second is thin and tall, with the same shaggy beard. These two can help improve Sonic’s abilities: The Hermit can improve his attack or defense, and the Elder can increase Sonic’s speed or ring capacity.

The website also provides screenshots and detailed information about Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers, the second area of the game and the desert level. Although the area is mostly covered with sand, there are still oases around with sandstorms that rage in this area from time to time. It is also claimed that the enemies on Ares Island are stronger than the enemies on Ares Island, with one of these Titans being the big enemy that Sonic will face in an electrified cage known as Sumo.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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