Sonic Dash Surpasses The 500 Million Downloads Mark


Sega announced on Friday (17) that the mobile game Sonic Dash has surpassed 500 million downloads worldwide. Launched in 2013, the game is available for iOS and Android and is now the most played title in the series for mobile devices of all time.

Starring the speedy blue hedgehog, the title is an endless runner developed by HARDlight, SEGA’s European studio that also worked on the production of Sonic Forces.

Starting this Friday, players will be able to participate in a special in-game event. Celebrating 500 million downloads around the world, players can access the game and collect 4 special items from the racetracks to redeem daily prizes including Sonic Pirate and Captain Shadow.

Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka spoke about the feat in a press release. “Reaching over 500 million downloads is a great portrayal of the strength of the Sonic brand and the truly fun and timeless gameplay of Sonic Dash,” said the team leader.

Iizuka went on to say that the team thanks the “loyal fans, as well as our partnership with Apple and Google for their lasting support by highlighting Sonic Dash in their respective stores. This milestone couldn’t have been reached at a better time.”

Neall Jones, Studio Director of SEGA HARDlight, also said that the studio remains in awe of “the loyal Sonic Dash fans and how the game still generates millions of new downloads every month.”

The director took the space to thank the players for the game’s success. “A big thank you to all Sonic Dash fans. We look forward to continuing to produce for you new and innovative in-game events that build on this incredible and growing Sonic universe,” he added.

With iOS and Android versions, Sonic Dash is an endless runner that puts players in control of the hedgehog


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