Sonic Colors: Ultimate is Full of Bugs and Can Even Cause Seizures


Sonic Colors: Ultimate will officially be released tomorrow, September 7, but people who have had access to the game have reported that it is riddled with bugs and glitches on the Nintendo Switch. There are so many who took the conversations about the game on social networks over the weekend, even generating some compilations of what might appear in the game:

Some of the problems result in intensely flashing lights, which can even cause seizures in people who are prone to it – with a history of epilepsy and the like.

Sega is already aware of the bugs and working on a patch to fix the issues. Kate “MiniKitty” Chrzanowski, social media producer, commented on Twitter that all feedback from Sonic Colors: Ultimate has been appreciated, and that teams are listening to fix the game. But the process has been hampered by false bug reports as well.

Unfortunately, in the age of social media, many people just want to join the discussions and secure some likes, which has caused some players to record the game using an emulator to create videos with the glitches. Of course, Sega is not responsible for the quality of its games on unofficial emulators, and MiniKitty comments that wasting time figuring out which are legitimate and emulator bugs has actually slowed the process of finding what needs to be fixed in the game. .


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