Sonic Colors Ultimate is Announced for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch


Sonic Colors Ultimate: During the broadcast to celebrate 30 years of Sonic on Thursday (27), Sega announced that it is working on Sonic Colors Ultimate, a title that will be a remaster of the title that hit stores in 2010.

According to the information released, this edition will be destined for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (exclusive to the Epic Games Store) and Stadia, and had its launch scheduled for September 7. In addition, it was revealed that it will have a luxury digital edition that guarantees early access to content, exclusive music, special icons, Gold and Silver clothing and also Sonic Movie Boost.

You can check out how this new version will look in the trailer that follows:

Still celebrating the blue runner’s birthday, the producer revealed that it is also working on an animation for Sonic Colors Ultimate, called Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, in addition to making available a compilation featuring the first three games and even a concert of the franchise. scheduled for June 23, which will have the participation of the band Crush 40 and will be free for all fans.


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