Sonic Collection is Listed on French Store Website


Sonic Collection: Apparently, Sega has plans to make available another collection of games of its main character very soon – or at least that is what a listing made by the French store Sogamely suggests.

The collection in question was named Sonic Collection, and is apparently linked to the blue corridor’s 30th birthday. At the time of publication of this news the link was still available, and you can check this entry on the store’s website by checking the image below:

A curious detail is the fact that the registration brings the Sonic Collection EU Version information only for PlayStation 4, but it is to be expected that it will also show up on other platforms along with that of the fourth console of the PlayStation family.

Sega itself had already announced that it was working on new Sonic games to celebrate its thirtieth birthday, and it seems that this may be one of the production company’s surprises for this year’s E3 – or even for some other special occasion organized by the company or by a partner.

So, would you like to see another Sonic collection coming out soon? Share your opinion in the space below for comments.


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