Sonic 2 The Movie Portrays Its Characters In New Posters


Sonic 2: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles star in individual posters of the new film, which will be released in theaters on April 8. Doctor Robotnik gives no respite, he has launched his Machiavellian plan and intends to dominate the world and go over the hedgehog and his friends. However, the heroes of Sonic 2 The Movie are not going to give you that pleasure. They are characters like Sonic himself and his faithful friend Tails, one of the absences from the first installment. Both are protagonists of the new posters published on the official Twitter account.

They are not the only ones to show off in pictures. This time, Dr. Robotnik has teamed up with Knuckles to make life miserable for his enemies. How could it be otherwise, the antagonist has also been portrayed on the posters, which you can see just below these lines. It does not give the impression that the bad guys intend to give up their share of power.

All for an emerald, but what an emerald!

The film opens with Sonic trying to take a break from his fast-paced, busy life as a superhero. Unfortunately, evil does not rest and Dr. Robotnik has sealed an alliance with Knuckles to achieve his next goal: get hold of a powerful emerald capable of building civilizations. But by now we know that the doctor, played by Jim Carrey in live action, is more interested in destruction: surprise, the emerald can also do a lot of damage.

Sonic 2 The Movie will be released in theaters around the world on April 8. After the success of the original film, the saga will continue to expand in the audiovisual medium. In addition to Sonic Prime, the animated series that Netflix is ​​preparing, it is already confirmed that there will be a third feature film and a live-action series for Paramount+:

“We are delighted to announce the development of the third Sonic movie and his first live-action series for Paramount+. Our relationship with Paramount is excellent and we are excited to continue expanding the Sonic The Hedgehog universe with them.”