Sonia Isaza puts them on new ones and they are giants


Sonia Isaza puts them on new ones and they are giants. She shows them in this photo. The new temporda has made the Chilean has decided to increase the size and are beautiful.

The winter season arrives and the cold lurks on the horizon, or more than on the horizon, after the shelter, because it no longer does to go down the street without a good warmth, at least in Spain, where winter seems to be every time closer. That is why Sonia has decided to remedy it and has shown it to her fans in her latest photos uploaded to instagram.

Although her IG is full of videos inside the fitness room where the weather is excellent, even pulling warm to judge by the rhythm and intensity of the exercises that the bodybuilder performs, Sonia does not live in a gym. Although judging by her figure, many times it seems. What a body that spends the Chilean, not a gram of fat, pure muscle. And outside, in the outside world, both in Chile and in Spain the winter is long and hard.

That is why Sonia has decided to buy good boots for this winter that keep her from having cold and wet feet under the harsh climatic conditions of the European winter. These boots, of high cane, brown in two shades and with a robust and resistant appearance, will keep it safe during the hard months until the always desired spring arrives in Barcelona. Next to the photo, the athlete and woman of the footballer Arturo Vidal wanted to leave a deep comment full of message about the importance of preserving the spirit of childhood in adulthood to be happy, something that she says should never be lost.

The caleña has rope for a while and neither the years nor the most offensive comments in the photos and videos that it uploads will slow it down in its objective of being a superwoman. With that spirit of a girl but with the strength and resistance of an entire woman.

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