SongVest Creates a New Breed of Fan Investors by Selling Shares of Music Royalties


SongVest is the world’s first music marketplace where fans become investors by buying fractional shares of music royalties. That’s how the revolutionary service works for everyone involved.

Artists create a new level of fandom with invested fans, allowing them to buy a percentage of their royalties through SongShares. Artists and other music rights holders can package any type of royalty, such as a percentage of sound recordings, an author’s share, or publication in individual songs or catalogs, and offer them to fans as the best memorabilia and investment. In addition, artists have the opportunity to enable utilities such as special access, exclusive merch and other privileges, only for SongShare owners who go beyond just investments.

SongVest believes that these invested fans will become an integral part of the music ecosystem. “Companies enter IPOs regardless of whether they need capital. There is value in stock trading. We believe that it will also become ubiquitous in the music industry that artists will want to sell their music to fans,” said Sean Peace, CEO of SongVest.

These invested fans are not fickle, as superfanates can be, they have a long-term investment that can last from 20 years to the expiration of the copyright, depending on what the artist chooses. Through the usefulness associated with SongShares, or through direct interaction with these dedicated fans, artists can use them as a street marketing team for new releases, concert ticket sales, limited-edition merchandise, vinyl, or access to special events.

Sean Peace, founder and CEO of SongVest, said: “The recent success of hitmaker and Onyx founder Fredro Starr at SongVest proves that the model works. SongVest can not only offer SEC-certified SongShares, but also scale and unlock SongShares for all copyright holders. This serves the artist’s need to engage his fans and opens up revenue.”

How SongVest Works for Fans and Investors

SongShares is the only A+SEC compliant offering that allows partial ownership of music royalties, opening up this alternative asset class to the general public. This royalty investment platform differs from the NFT platforms in that each offer is submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which qualifies the offer by authorizing the issue of SongShare securities. Any royalties earned are collected and paid to investors quarterly.

Sarah Hanks, co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck, is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in corporate law and securities. She says: “The offer that SongVest is making is very different from some of the cryptocurrency and NFT offers that we are hearing so much about at the moment. SongVest pays royalties in accordance with the securities legislation. They are required to submit documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which reviews these documents to make sure that investors have the information they need to make an informed investment decision. The presence of interests represented by the NFT does not change the fact that an important issue is the compliance of the proposal with securities laws.”

Fans can browse the SongVest website to find out which SongShares they are most interested in. Having found the right offer, fans place bets on SongShares reservations or purchase them on any available public offers. After purchasing SongShares, fans can track their music royalty portfolio in the SongVest dashboard, as well as their royalty payments.

Flexibility for copyright holders

SongVest aims to change the old model of selling 100% of the catalog to only one investor. Copyright holders now have maximum flexibility by selling any percentage of any song from any royalty stream and adapting this for fans and music investors. SongVest also offers an auction model that allows you to increase the stock price depending on fan demand to maximize potential revenue.

This approach has several different advantages for copyright holders. Firstly, artists sell their music to investors who already love their music, which turns fans into fans invested in them. It helps artists, songwriters, record companies, publishers and other copyright holders to receive cash flows and finance growth. Another advantage is the simplicity of the transaction, as SongVest uses Letters of recommendation (LOD). Since the Performer does not sell the entire catalog along with all the basic rights, SongVest does not bear all the overhead, legal and legal costs associated with such transactions.

SongVest starts by working with the copyright holder to understand what he wants to achieve. Is it just raising capital, engaging fans, promoting new music, or all of the above? Once the copyright holder and SongVest agree on the goals, SongVest will analyze the current royalties for the music and the copyright holder’s fan base to prepare a proposal. After approval, SongVest and the copyright holder will work together on joint marketing of the offer to attract fans and investors as much as possible.

Do you want to attract your fans with SongShares? Contact SongVest today for a free analysis.

Songfest Success Stories

Thanks to the success of Onyx founder Fredro Starr’s campaign, SongVest is ready to grow and is ready to offer SongShares on any scale. Not only were 100% of Fredro’s SongShares shares reserved, SongVest also continued to demonstrate an auction model in which the share price increased depending on investor demand.

SongVest worked directly with Fredro Starr to develop a marketing plan that attracted Onyx fans on social media. Various messages and videos on social networks helped to sell directly to active fans, which allowed to quickly reserve all 430 SongShares. “SongVest is a new wave. Now my fans can ride with me. This is a great investment! Music stocks are only growing!” adds Fredro Starr, co-founder of Onyx.


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