Songs Of Conquest: Tips for the Barony Of Cloth faction


What’s a fantasy game without an army of shuffling undead? In Songs of Conquest, this army is the Barony of Lot, a necromancer horde specializing in legions of disposable skeletons and zombies, as well as powerful magic.

Like most armies that rely on Zerg magic and strategies, the Lot Barony can be either crushingly strong or pathetically weak, depending on the strategy and skills of the player. His units and spells are some of the most interesting in this strategy game, but it’s all in vain if there are a few mistakes. Here are some of the most important tips a player needs to know to lead the barony to victory.

8. Accept the Risen One

Lot’s Barony has some of the best units in the game, but it’s also units that are easy to make mistakes without using their full potential and losing the game as a result. Lot’s human troops are usually ranged units, they punish the enemy from a distance and strengthen the undead army’s melee units.

The victory in the battle with the Lot against human enemies leads to the fact that some of the killed come back to life in the form of Resurrected under the command of the Lot player. Understanding and using this fact is crucial for Lot players, especially for those who want to rely on their faction’s ability to participate in the Zerg rush (crushing the enemy with numerous weak units).

7 Unleash the hordes

The Lot Barony has no shortage of powerful elite units, and nothing prevents the player from trying to build an army around them. However, to do this means to lose sight of one of the most optimal strategies for the faction.

Of all the factions in Songs of Conquest, it is easiest for Lot to create massive groups of weak and inexpensive units. The two best examples of this are the Rebels and the Rats, both of which can destroy enemies when the Lot player exposes them in large enough numbers. These units are individually weak, but groups are also strong, and they only become more powerful when enhanced with spells such as Onslaught.

6. Accept entity generation

One of the main strengths of the Lot Barony is its witchcraft, and the main reason for this is its abundant supply of Essence, a resource needed to cast spells. Creating Arcana Essence for the Barony is much easier than for other armies, which makes using a large number of powerful spells a much more realistic possibility for this faction than for others.

The essence of destruction also comes easily to the Lot, making the faction deadly with spells, which is ideal for players who appreciate complex gameplay. Since it is very easy to create a horde of cheap units with this faction, spells that give positive effects are especially deadly, since weak units can suddenly turn into a nightmare for the enemy.

5 Choose the correct assembly order

One of the reasons why it may be difficult for new players to pick up a Lot is that, unlike Arleon, the order of building this faction is not simple. The Lot Barony has three excellent options for hiring buildings on medium-sized construction sites, but the player will not be able to use them all while maintaining optimal production.

As with any faction, it is important to consider the initial owner of the player, as well as the overall strategy he wants to follow. Toxicologists are a strong and versatile ranged unit, which makes them suitable for any army. Lot players specializing in magic will benefit more from Cultists and Aurelian Scientists. Meanwhile, Scavenged Bones and Spectres are powerful units better suited for punishment in hand—to-hand combat. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste and strategy of the player.

4 Choose the right owner

Regardless of the strategy the player wants to use, the Lot Barony has some of the best Owners in the game. As with any faction, it is important to choose the initial owner who will match the player’s plans.

Ambertina, Baron Aldus from the Lot and Vish Returned generate extra essence for the player, which gives him a lot of extra juice for his spells. Owners like Mercot and Brother Hillar give important power-ups to units. Dr. Mariatta significantly increases the damage done by spells. The player must have a plan for each stage of the game, whether it is preparing for the start of the game or being able to finish the game at the end, and the Owner chosen by him must play a role at each stage.

3 Build a crypt or Warren

At the end of the game, the player can use powerful elites to help dominate the battlefield, but at the beginning of the game, the best strategy for the Lot barony is to crush the enemy with a stream of cheap units. To facilitate this plan, the player must first build a Crypt or Rat Maze to start recruiting cheap units.