Songs and Video Game Trailers: Side B


We return with the second part of the report in which we saw a good handful of video game trailers in which great songs were heard.

A few weeks ago we published a report on video game trailers that were especially notable for the song that accompanied the images. We subtitled that as face A, aware that we had been so cute that it could have a continuation. And so it has been. We turn the record over ready to enjoy the cuts that await us on side B. The music we are going to listen to starts like this in the best possible way, with the wonderful sound that the needle makes when it falls on the vinyl. We started.

Assassin’s Creed

We started with a regular mix of cool song and promotional image. Since the first installment of 2007, the trailer for Assassin’s Creed made sound contemporary notes about its historical environment (licenses from the really futuristic context in which it was framed, Abstergo through). With all its buts, the game was surprising on the consoles of the time, and it was the first step on a brilliant path that continues today, after several ups and downs, in full maturity. Altair travels through the Holy Land in slow motion accompanied by the personal voice of Richard Ashcroft, the charismatic singer of Verve. Unkle composes a song, Lonely Soul, which is pure elegance. None of us knew it then, but it was also the beginning of a fruitful combination between song and saga that would not cease to amaze us in later years.

As in the case of Revelations, the conclusion to Ezio Auditore’s beloved Renaissance trilogy. Although here the visual wins the trump card over the musical. And it is that nothing could overshadow the emotion of the moment, the farewell to a long journey. On screen we see nothing less than the return of the scenes of the first installment in the Holy Land, an aging Ezio and a ghostly Altair who serves as a guide to our most longed-for assassin. Regarding the song that we can listen to accompanying these epic moments … It’s funny, because we already talked in the previous Woodkid report, then putting musical notes to the Dying Light trailer. Do not miss the powerful original clip of that Run boy run, strongly influenced by the imagery of Where the monsters live. And the fact is that the Frenchman is a video clip maker who became a musician by chance. The jump was precisely with Iron, which accompanies the following video of the assassins guild. Composed only by the need to express herself visually without the ties of a commission, in the end it became the first step of her career as a musician.


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