Songs and Video Game Trailers: Side A


We select in this report video game trailers with an excellent background song. Some are unforgettable examples, others may be as of today.

The video game trailer has used licensed songs on many occasions to make its message more impressive. A good subject that fits perfectly with a cinematographic montage makes its two minutes long with a single viewing. It is more, possibly, you repeat and repeat wanting to enjoy that perfect mix on more than one occasion. We are going to collect some of those great moments here. You will smile accomplices with the most notorious cases, but surely you are hopelessly hooked on those you did not know. We drop the needle on the plate and turn up the volume, we start.

Gears of war

We start with the classic among the classics. The Gears of War trailer marked a before and after in the use of songs in the promotion of a video game. In 2006 it was very groundbreaking, and it is that nobody would have imagined that Mad World, the song that closed the introspective cult film Donnie Darko, would fit like a glove accompanying the military adventures of disproportionate muscular bodies. But boy did it fit. It turned out that the Gary Jules and Michael Andrews theme was forever attached to Marcus and company. His sad and taciturn tone permeated the imagination of a generation of players in what seemed like an impossible fight against an unbeatable enemy.

Far cry 2

The African atmosphere of Far Cry 2 was perfectly reflected by a very racial theme. In Barra Barra, the Algerian singer and activist Rachid Taha shouts in Arabic against fear, oppression, slavery, war, corruption. Far Cry 2, with a strong component from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, accurately reflects that rage in its trailer.

More conventional is this advance. It is here the amazing music of Massive Attack that serves as an accompaniment to the images. Although if we think about it a bit, it does not clash with the previous case if we accept the information that suggests that Robert del Naja, co-founder of the group, and Banksy, the mysterious graffiti artist and activist, are the same person. In the trailer, strong ties are created with Apocalypse Now, also a debtor to Conrad’s novel, thanks to those recordings and information of the Jackal destroyed while a barge goes up the river through a nightmare scenario. A path of no return in which we must put an end to that luck of Colonel Kurtz who questions who the crazy ones really are when reality has turned into hell.


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