Song Seung Hyun Former Member FTISLAND Announces Military Service Schedule


Former FTISLAND personnel, Song Seung Hyun has announced his mandatory military entry schedule. This news was announced directly by him through the latest posting on Instagram on Friday .

In the post, he said, “Everyone, I will be drafted for military service on April 27, 2020. I will leave and return safely. Because of the COVID-19 issue, I’m sorry that I can’t say goodbye to you from close range. Please be careful of COVID-19. Health is the most important thing. I will carry out my duty to defend the country. ”

The news about his mandatory military service was also announced by the Wooridle Company agency. The agency said that they could not reveal the location and time, because Sonog Seung Hyun wanted to enter the army calmly.

Song Seung Hyun is known to have left the band FTISLAND and FNC Entertainment in December 2019. Only in the early months of April 2020, Song Seung Hyun joined the Wooridle Company agency, led by Tony Ahn HOT as CEO.


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