Song of Horror on PS4 and Xbox One is delayed


Protocol Games and Raiser Games confirm a slight delay in the launch on consoles, postponing its arrival until the first quarter of next year.

Song of Horror, the horror video game made by the Spanish studio Protocol Games together with Raiser Games, delays its launch on both PS4 and Xbox One until the first quarter of 2021, on a date yet to be specified. This has been announced by those in charge through a series of tweets, admitting that they are not yet ready to launch the game on consoles after its arrival on PC last May in its full version and asking the fans for patience to obtain the best possible version of such a terrifying video game.

Now available in its full version on PC

And is that Song of Horror should reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 29, on a very special date and close to Halloween; and it is that its terrifying theme became a sweet for lovers of interactive fear. Finally, it will not be like that and console players will have to wait until the first quarter of next year, whose final date has not yet transpired.

According to those responsible, it is a difficult decision and they hope that fans understand the reasons for the delay, which are none other than polishing the port for the best possible experience on consoles after its launch on PC, now available in its full version from the beginning. last May and that at the time we already had the opportunity to analyze. “We know this is not good news for many of you, but we believe that the delay will help deliver a better experience, the same experience that we believe you all deserve. Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and support ”, assure those responsible through several tweets.

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Now, Song of Horror goes from October 29, 2020 to an indeterminate date between January and March 2021; do not miss our analysis of this new commitment to a terror that “looks towards the milestones of survival horror, horror cinema and literature to find its own identity, without anchoring itself in the excess of references and without renouncing the classic conventions of the gender ”, we noted in our review.


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