Song Kang could join the drama I know the cast


Song Kang’s acting has brought him great popularity and job offers, one of which is the drama Though I Know It.

Love Alarm fans have been looking forward to a new season of this story, but Song Kang will also surprise us with new roles in some new K-Dramas. Though I Know It is a series that will be released soon and this 26-year-old actor could star in it.

JTBC is preparing an adaptation of the webtoon that bears the same name and, although there are no concrete plans yet, the rumors about the cast have aroused the excitement of all those who are waiting for this new production.

Among the most mentioned names to act in this Korean drama are Song Kang and actress Han So Hwee, when could we see them on screen?


Fans of this actor are eagerly awaiting the return of Song Kang with a new television production, which is why they were greatly surprised to learn of the possibilities of him landing the leading role in Though I Know It.

However, nothing is certain yet, as the actor’s agency noted that it is true that he was offered this role, but because Song Kang has had several offers for new productions, they are still considering what is the best decision.

This series would premiere next year, but JTBC is already preparing all the preparations for this adaptation.

We also recently told you about the series Hope The World Gets Ruined Tomorrow, a new Netflix drama where GOT7’s Youngjae will perform alongside other stars.

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