Song Ji Hyo Appears on ‘Running Man’ With Her New Hair, Netizens Pros and Cons


Some time ago, fans and netizens were shocked by the hairstyle change of the senior female actress, Song Ji Hyo.

Ji Hyo shared a photo showing herself with a super short hairstyle, much different from her usual hairstyle on various occasions.

This permanent member of ‘Running Man‘ shows his new hair clearly through the program which aired on November 28, 2021.

In response to this, South Korean netizens made various comments on Song Ji Hyo’s new hair,

Song Ji Hyo has to change the salon she goes to”,

“Sorry, this hairstyle can’t even be saved with Song Ji Hyo’s face.”,

“Honestly the hairstyle looks ugly, but the visuals are legendary”,

“I don’t think everyone can use that hairstyle except Song Ji Hyo“,

“Am I the only one who thinks she’s getting prettier?”,

“She’s prettier with that hairstyle, daebak”, and various other comments.

What do you think about Song Ji Hyo’s new hair below?