Song Hye Kyo Won’t Give an Interview Before The Premiere of “Fame” Because of The News About Song Joon Ki? Netflix Responds


Song Hye-kyo will return in the Netflix drama “Glory” together with Lee Do-hyun.

“The Glory” is a series about a woman who is subjected to severe bullying and harassment in high school and seeks revenge on her bullies after graduation.

While actors usually promote their new dramas through interviews, it was announced on December 29 that this does not apply to “Fame”.

Netflix told Star Today: “Although the new original series “The Glory” will be presented on December 30, the final decision has been made not to conduct interviews with the main actors.”

Netflix added: “Since the series will be released in two parts, there will be no separate interviews with the main actors (including Song Hye Kyo). In the past, there was a case when an interview with the performer of the main role was not conducted under similar circumstances. If necessary, we will internally discuss conducting an interview after the release of the full series. »

Such a decision is unusual, especially with such popular actors who will promote the drama. As a result, the media suggest that this decision is related to the fact of the disclosure of Song Joon Ki’s new relationship.

Indeed, Song Hye Kyo was married to Song Joon Ki, perhaps she wants to avoid possible questions that are uncomfortable for her about this. However, Netflix interrupted the rumors, stating:

“This [decision] has nothing to do with the actors. The release of the second part of “Glory” is scheduled for March next year, so we plan to prepare a place for deeper conversations after the release of the second part. »

On the other hand, The Glory will be released on Netflix on December 30.


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