SONEs Is Delighted With The Timeless Beauty of Taeyeon From SNSD: “She is still legendary”


SONE were shocked by how much Taeyeon from SNSD has grown in the industry, expressing her admiration for the ageless beauty and influence of the leader in the previous stages.

That’s what people say.

SONEs admire the influence of Taeyeon from SNSD and the stunning visual effects

On January 24, SONEs expressed their awe at Taeyeon’s charming beauty by going through a series of comebacks.

The forum was filled with GIFs and images from the singer’s previous notable performances in 2014-2015, such as “Holler”, “Adrenaline”, “Diamond” and “Lion’s Heart”.

Fans claimed that her blonde hair in the scenes of “Holler” and “Adrenaline” received positive reviews, causing a stir on the network. They also praised Taeyeon for her appearance in “Lion Heart”.

During the discussion, they also pointed out several hair colors, and which one suited her best. SONEs talked about her ash blonde hair during her “I” promotion, saying how legendary Taeyeon looked with them.

Fans also stressed that, despite the fact that gifs are almost ten years old, Taeyeon still looks fascinating, as always, in real life, as well as her visual presentation on GIFs.

Read their reaction below:

“There’s no need to explain Mr. Mr. Tae. The reaction to her blonde hair in “Holler” and “Adrenaline” was solid, and her scene in “Diamond” made a splash with “I” hit, and there is no need to mention Lion Heart. Mint-Tang was also legendary.”

“The fact that she is still legendary is legendary.”

“Wow, everything about her was legendary. I’ve seen these gifs on community sites so many times.”

“I’m a fan of another band, but it was really legendary. Her ash-blond hair during the “I” was crazy.”

“What’s with the black ponytail scene? Does it look like a Christmas scene?”

“These are almost 10 years old. Legendary.”

“To be honest, I’ve seen these gifs on community sites so many times.”

“Time flies very fast.”

Taeyeon from SNSD won 2 “Bonsan” trophies at the 32nd Music Awards in Seoul
From other news, Taeyong made history by winning two Bonsan trophies at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards ceremony, achieving success as a soloist and a member of the group.

Taeyeon, along with the members of the band GOT The Beat, received a bonsan. She also took to the stage alone to receive her Bonsang award and gave a thank-you speech. In her speech, Taeyong thanked all the fans who gave love to her 2022 release “INVU”.

The singer also added how she loved “INVU” from the first listening, which prompted her to publish the song for fans. Moreover, Taeyeon concluded her speech by assuring fans that she would return with better music in the future.

“First of all, I sincerely thank the fans for loving INVU so much. As soon as I first heard it, I was so confident in the song that I wanted you to hear it with your voice. Thank you very much. for faith and listening.”

I will continue to be a Taeyeon who will repay you with good music in the future.”

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