Song Kang, The “Son of Netflix,” Is to Hold The First Meeting With Fans in Malaysia Before Enlisting in The Army


Song Kang, a rising global star of the acting industry, is especially known for his roles in the films “Love Anxiety”, “Nevertheless”, “Naviller”, “Sweet Home” and “Prediction of Love and Weather”. In order to please the hearts of Malaysian songpyens, he is going to hold the “2023 Song Kang Asia Fanmeeting Tour Moment” in Kuala Lumpur on February 25, 2023.

In just 5 years since his debut, he has already received several starring roles in the original Netflix series. He started gaining popularity thanks to the web series “Love Alarm Clock”, which was very well received both locally and globally.

Since then, he has landed more starring roles in four other dramas that aired via Netflix.

This led to Song Kang being dubbed the “Son of Netflix”.

As is widely known, all Korean men are required to enlist in the military before they reach the age of 28. Before joining the army, Song Kang decided to meet with local and foreign songpens.

That’s why the fans were very lucky to be able to leave good memories with him during the “2023 Song Kang Asia Fanmeeting Tour Moment in Kuala Lumpur”, which makes him the last chance to create unforgettable moments together before his enlistment in the army.

Song Kang, the “Son of Netflix” is bound to bring his first fan meeting to Malaysia before his enlistment.


“2023 Song Kang Asia Fanmeeting Tour Moment in Kuala Lumpur” will take place at Menara PGRM on February 25, 2023 at 19:30. The ticket price is 798 ringgit (VIP), 598 ringgit (PS1) and 398 ringgit (PS2) excluding the processing fee of 4 ringgit.

In addition, Songpyeongs who bought tickets will not only be able to meet Song Kang at a fan meeting, but will also have a chance to take advantage of special benefits for fans, which will be announced later.

Tickets for the “2023 Song Kang Asia Fanmeeting Tour Moment in Kuala Lumpur” are on sale online from December 19, 2022 on the website or by hotline +60392124202.

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