SOMI wins first prize for the song ‘What You Waiting For’


SOMI managed to get her first win trophy with a comeback song titled ‘What You Waiting For’.

The first trophy was obtained by the artist The Black Label on the latest episode “M! Countdown” which aired Thursday (06/08).

In today’s episode ‘M! Countdown’, SOMI’s ‘What You Waiting For’ song was included in the winner’s nomination with ATEEZ’s ‘INCEPTION’ song.

SOMI in the end took the lead with a score of 6776 points, beating ATEEZ who was in second place with 6500 points.

This is the first trophy won by SOMI, since making a comeback with the single ‘What You Waiting For’.

To celebrate his first trophy, SOMI did the challenge by eating lemons on the stage ‘M! Countdown’ during the encore.

Congratulations to SOMI!

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