Somi Pays Tribute To BLACKPINK On XOXO, Her New Colorful MV


BLACKPINK idols have supported Somi since her debut and the girl made them part of her new MV

Somi just presented her new comeback with XOXO and in addition to a fascinating MV the singer gave us several references to BLACKPINK’s music releases.

Somi’s comeback is here, a long time ago the girl joined The Black Label and debuted successfully, since then she has shown her talent through various musical singles and also built a beautiful friendship with BLACKPINK. With her most recent music video, she shows us her good relationship with idols.

The Dumb Dumb interpreter has just presented her new single entitled XOXO, which is part of her first full album that brings together several of her hits. The title track features her own MV and has received great support from her fans, what surprises does it include?

It turns out that the clip has several references to music videos previously released by BLACKPINK, including some of the idol’s solo projects. These gestures were taken as fascinating tributes to the music of the idol group but also to the friendship they share and here we tell you how you can identify them.


One of the clearest leads us to remember SOLO, because in both videos there is a scene where the singer wears a long gala dress while she is on the hood of a car. Also when this scene is projected we hear Somi say SOLO as part of the lyrics and as if that weren’t enough she even performs the characteristic step that Jennie captured in her choreography.

Another reference is found with a car trip in the middle of the desert, very much in the style of Lovesick Girls, but from this same video the part where Lisa hits a car with a baseball bat was taken up.

Finally, fans have identified another reference due to the choreography scene, as it was performed in an area with a desert vibe just like in the LALISA MV.


Both the girl group and the singer have shown their support for each of the musical releases that are published, for example Jennie previously started on a live broadcast of Somi telling her that she was looking forward to the premiere of Dumb Dumb.

On one occasion we also saw Somi playing with Lisa and enjoying a meal in the recording studio, where they even shared how well they have been since they started dating.


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