Somi Disappointed with ‘What You Waiting For’ Comeback


The special episode of the series “I AM SOMI” was recently uploaded, and shows how Somi is preparing for her comeback for “What You Waiting For“.

“What You Waiting For” itself is Somi’s first comeback song as a soloist after a year of releasing her debut single “Birthday”.

In this episode, it was seen that Somi had completed her first comeback appearance on MCountdown. He watched himself again on his cellphone, and the disappointment was clearly evident from the look on his face.

Later that day, he and his mother discussed Somi’s appearance at dinner together. His mother said, “When I saw you, you didn’t seem to be dancing happily and energetically. I can feel Somi who has a hard time singing ”.

Somi agreed with her mother and explained, “I get nervous when I’m actually on stage. My throat was hoarse before the stage because I started preparations at 2 am. I came home and slept, so my voice became hoarse and weak. ”

After that, the scene shifted to Somi practicing non-stop even at her own house, singing the single “What You Waiting For” repeatedly.

However, his hard work finally paid off as he had already won his first victory trophy at a music show.

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