Someone in Your Home: Is The Movie Based On A Real Case? Find It Out!


Someone in Your Home: There’s Someone in Your House, the new film from Netflix, is making a hit for its youthful and bloody horror style. Among fans, some people have considered the possibility that the feature film was based on a real case, but, in fact, it was inspired by a horror book.

The work in question is homonymous and was written by the American author Stephanie Perks, who has already been on The New York Times bestseller list with Anna and the French Kiss.

Plot of Someone in Your House

The story follows Makani Young, a young woman who believes she left her troubles in Hawaii when she moved in with her grandmother. There, she finds a new group of friends and finds new interests, like the boy Ollie Larsson.

However, the magic and peace of the place begins to fade away. That’s because a mysterious serial killer is killing students at Osborne High. During this crisis that is compromising a normal high school life, Makani must also deal with the problems of the past.


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