Someone found Anthem on sale at GameStop for a penny


When Anthem was first introduced and fans saw Javelins in trailers, many fans fell over their ears. Even the open beta was exciting. However, it all came crashing down at launch as many fans discovered how bad the game actually was. In short, it was very rushed, and many of the storefronts were fake beforehand, and BioWare even dropped the Anthem name at the last minute.

Anthem has become synonymous with failed launches, even more so than Cyberpunk 2077. At least the latter has largely abandoned its launch and improved significantly, but although EA and BioWare did have plans for Anthem Next, EA executives postponed it. . Anthem had a lot of promises, but with that in mind, it seems obvious that it has no future.

BioWare has moved away from Anthem, returning to the single-player game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and working on a new part of the Mass Effect franchise. Meanwhile, Anthem doesn’t seem to be worth much, even at GameStop. One ticktocker named Kloklava managed to find it on sale for one penny at a local store.

According to GameSpot, the company often “cheapens” products that are not intended for sale, are overstocked and/or are unlikely to be sold products such as merch and, apparently, games such as Anthem. However, this TikToker managed to get the game for free, especially after the employee paid a penny for them. Clocklava shared this on the Internet, showing the price tag for the game, and continued downloading the game.

They seem to like it, as one of their subsequent videos says it’s the “discreet refreshment” they needed. This also makes sense, since there were a lot of promising elements in Anthem. Among them were “Javelins”, which really brought the atmosphere of the “Iron Man Simulator” into the game and were something unique in the field of live services, but this is where BioWare made a mistake. His mining system and online service elements didn’t appeal to the community, and combined with his lackluster world and history, the launch just wasn’t ready.

If EA had moved forward with Anthem Next, maybe the story would be a little different now. However, at least one fan got it for free and is enjoying the game. It should be noted that GameStop has put Anthem online and digitally at full retail value, so it’s unlikely that fans will be able to just walk into their local physical store and find this deal.

Anthem is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.