Someone Actually Looked Through The Spare Parts and Counted How Many Times Prince Harry Mentioned His Private Parts


Prince Harry has metaphorically exposed all this over the past few months, releasing the candid memoir Spare, the Netflix documentary series “Harry and Meghan” and giving numerous interviews in support of these projects. However, taking his life wasn’t always symbolic, as the Duke of Sussex proved he wasn’t afraid to share some particularly intimate details, including how he lost his virginity and the time he used Elizabeth Arden cream on his skin. frostbitten penis. The Prince’s lower regions actually attracted quite a bit of attention in the Realm, and someone was diligent enough to look through and count all the mentions.

In the autobiography “Spare”, the name of which has received several rather cruel translations in other countries, including “What’s Left”, “The Other” and “In the Shadows”, Harry puts forward rather wild statements about the royal family, but does not shy away from talking. about himself, too, and his own member of the royal family was repeatedly mentioned. Fox News reports:

In a shocking memoir that made headlines thanks to his personal revelations about members of the royal family, the Duke of Sussex made eight references to his “penis,” one to his “penis,” six to his “todger,” one to “down there,” and another to his “custom-made penis pillow.” and he even included a detailed description of his experience with “frostbite of the penis.”

The “custom-made penis pillow” was apparently made specifically to help Prince Harry avoid “frostbite” on his “todger” after what he understandably called the traumatic experience of visiting the North Pole. He also discussed rumors that he and Prince William are uncircumcised, stating that:

My penis was in the public domain.

Some reviews of the long-awaited memoir noted the prince’s penchant for excessive disclosure, and one critic wrote that he “spills tea on his frostbitten penis (spare us), loss of virginity (please spare us) and his abundant youth.” drug and alcohol use (who would have thought?)”.

Other stories from Spare and Harry and Meghan, the latter of which received harsh reviews from fans, were revealed in different ways, as part 1 of the documentary series delved into the impact of Princess Diana’s death on Prince Harry’s life and one of the biggest conclusions. From Part 2, there was the pain and grief the couple experienced after Meghan Markle suffered a miscarriage during her second pregnancy.

The Duke of Sussex also addressed the accusations made by his wife during the couple’s high-profile interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, regarding unnamed members of the royal family who are “worried” about how dark the skin of their first child Archie will be. He said it was more “curiosity” than “concern,” and also talked about the differences between unconscious bias and racism.

No matter how you look at it, it was a time of revelations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, although I’m not sure how many of us expected that Spare would be so frank about his intimate body parts. The memoir is out now, and Harry and Meghan are available to stream on a Netflix subscription. Also, be sure to check out our TV program for 2023 to find out which series will soon appear on television and in streaming mode.


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