Somehow a 5G’si ABD’de 5 km’de 100 Mbps


On Thursday (17), Qualcomm, Ericsson and U.S. Cellular announced that they were able, for the first time, to establish an extended-range 5G NR mmWave data connection in the US, on a commercial basis. The feat was recorded in Janesville, Wisconsin.

New Internet era in underprivileged regions
In metropolitan regions, 5G, depending on the technology used, can reach speeds above 1 Gbps. But it depends on several factors, including how far the device is from the tower that supplies the network.

Now, Qualcomm and Ericsson, together with the American operator US Cellular, managed to reach speeds above 100 Mbps, but over distances greater than five kilometers, which will have a major impact on the quality of connections in all types of regions, be it urban, suburban or rural.

The new technology will allow high-quality, wide bard connections, and wireless, in several locations where investment in cable-based infrastructure was not feasible, even in locations close to major centers.

In the suburbs and rural areas, high-range wireless networks will provide new possibilities for using the internet, whether for end consumers, corporate customers and even public bodies, who can enjoy a stable, robust and high-performance connection, taking advantage of 5G coverage provided by pre-installed antennas.

For service providers, it will be an opportunity to expand their service, providing 5G experience to new locations that previously lacked a reliable connection. With the installation of Fixed Wireless Accesses (FWA), providers will be able to offer high quality connections to establishments such as hospitals, schools, universities and facilities typical of rural areas, in a much more economical and easy way than if they had to deploy fiber optic cabling.


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