Some Xiaomi apps are banned in India!


India, along with TikTok, banned 47 more Chinese applications. With the decision taken by the Indian government yesterday, the Xiaomi applications also banned Mi Browser Pro and MIUI Cleaner. If you remember, it was revealed that Xiaomi shared personal data without permission in May. Although the brand admitted that it collected personal data in many statements at that time, it had revealed evidence that it did not share this data with other people and institutions.

Why are Xiaomi apps banned?

India, on the other hand, decided to ban many Chinese-originated apps that collected personal data, with the discovery that Xiaomi has scanned this scandal and the latest emerging TikTok collects user data. Yesterday’s MIUI Cleaner and Mi Browser Pro ban seemed to cause the theft of danger bells for Xiaomi, one of the strongest players in the Indian market.

India argues that Mi Browser Pro collects personal data without permission, just like other Chinese apps. Again, the MIUI Cleaner application is based on the Chinese origin Clean Master application, which was previously banned according to the Indian government. Xiaomi also made a statement on the banned Mi Browser Pro browser and MIUI Cleaner application in a statement on Twitter today.

The Chinese technology giant also shared a message with its user base in which it clarified and elaborated on the above-mentioned points. Xiaomi phones are widely used in the country and apps like Mi Browser Pro and MIUI Cleaner come pre-installed.

In the statement made by the company, it was announced that an update was made so that these applications do not come pre-installed on the phones as a first precaution. Xiaomi explained that the MIUI Cleaner application is not based on Clean Master but was developed by Xiaomi.

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The Chinese company stated that all data of Indian users have been kept in data centers located in the country since 2018 and that this data has not been taken out of the country in any way, that is, no personal data has been shared.

In short, Xiaomi seems to be accepting restrictions from its government so as not to lose power and worry users in a large market like India. In the scandal that appeared in May, Xiaomi made an update after it turned out that Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro was collecting personal data even in incognito mode. According to this update, users had the option to stop sharing data in incognito mode.


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