Some Songs Accelerate the Spread of Coronavirus


Scientists who conducted a new study revealed that while singing songs with the letters B and P, we spread more droplets around and increase the possibility of the virus spreading. As an example of the songs with a lot of B and P, the song Happy Birthday was shown.

Scientists, who continue to work to raise awareness of the society about how the coronavirus spreads and the measures to be taken, recently conducted a new study to reveal which songs increase the rate of spread of the coronavirus.

In the study carried out by Lund University in Sweden, how many droplets come out of our mouth while we sing was under the microscope. According to the research in question, songs with more ‘B’ and ‘P’ letters cause more droplets to be scattered around.

Commenting on the research in question, Malin Alsved said, “Speaking of consonants in particular reveals very large droplets and ‘letters B and P’ stand out as the largest aerosol emitters,” and revealed that singing may also cause the spread of coronavirus.

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, Happy Birthday is one of the most remarkable songs in this regard. Fortunately, the Turkish version of the song does not contain either the letter ‘B’ or ‘P’. Nevertheless, be careful not to raise your voice and write too many drops while singing at this time …

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