Some solutions if you can’t connect to WhatsApp Web


These tips could help you troubleshoot when connecting to WhatsApp Web in a browser on your computer.

There are times when there are difficulties connecting to WhatsApp Web and being able to receive and send messages through the browser on your computer and most have to do with problems that we will tell you how to review and solve.

Among these problems to connect to WhatsApp Web are cell phone or computer connection problems as well as problems with the modem that provides the Wi-Fi.

If you have problems connecting to WhatsApp Web, let’s start by checking your phone connection since that could be what is preventing you from entering and it is usually one of the most common problems.

To solve it, you can try each of these steps: restart your cell phone or download the latest version of the instant messaging application from the Play Store as well as turn your Wi-Fi off and on again.

WhatsApp Web problems: check your computer and wi-fi

If you continue with problems, we recommend that you check your computer connection, have you seen a yellow box in the browser when trying to connect to WhatsApp Web? If it says the error message ‘Computer not connected’, we recommend you check that your computer has internet access, among the solutions you can update the page until it responds as well as exit your session and re-enter.

In the same way, it is important that you know that WhatsApp Web will work properly only in the most current versions of the Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Finally, you could be having wi-fi problems if you still cannot connect to WhatsApp Web, however in this case the solution could depend on several external factors, although we recommend restarting your modem if possible. These solutions should help you connect and make the most of the browser version of WhatsApp. In Somagnews we bring you the best tips for the instant messaging application.

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