Some secrets in the fight scene between these characters


Stranger Things fans have been watching some iconic scenes from season three, and stunt coordinator Hiro Koda has revealed a secret about the fight against Eleven and Billy Hargrove.

In an iconic Stranger Things fight scene in the pool, Eleven gets into a big fight with Billy in a sauna, and uses her unique powers to keep her friends out of harm’s way.

Stunt coordinator Hiro Koda has discussed how the sauna fight scene was executed, explaining that it was one of the most important sequences in Stranger Things and that it was highly complex due to the actor not wearing a shirt.

He also reveals that they created some specific platforms to show the illusion that Eleven elevated him in Stranger Things being a great challenge and really fun for them.

Usually the actors wear clothes so they can equip themselves with harnesses, which lift them up through the air as Billy was shirtless in the scene, it was an even greater challenge to lift him off the ground without people seeing the platforms in Stranger Things.

Fans have also praised the scene, as it was one of the most improvised during the Stranger Things season, with Millie Bobby Brown saying she unintentionally fell into Mike’s arms.

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