Some people had the exact reaction that Mike Wolfe asked them not to do after they shared the news about the hospitalization of a former colleague in the film “American Pickers” Frank Fritz.


When news broke earlier this week that Frank Fritz had been hospitalized after a stroke, his former TV partner Mike Wolf shared the news with fans. At the time, Wolfe was asking people to give them some space regarding the “opinions” about him and “Frank’s friendship” that had been advertised online for months after Fritz was fired from American Pickers. Unfortunately, the fans had the exact opposite reaction.

Fans of American Pickers have been unhappy with the separation of Frank and Mike for several months. In a series of comments to the Instagram post, fans still shared their feelings about the former TV friendship of the two stars. Some even openly shared their thoughts on how they both need to make amends, noting things like “Make amends, Mike, now is the time.” On Facebook , another wrote: “Why worry now, Mike? You weren’t worried before.”

Such comments correspond to what some “fans” expressed more aggressively on Twitter after Mike Wolf broke the news. In one regular post about American Pickers, there are even a lot of comments from people trolling Mike about Frank’s departure, and comments like this are very obvious:

Yes, they filmed it for 13 years and stabbed your best friend Frank in the back. To be honest, I do not know how you sleep at night. You let fame get to your head, there’s nothing in the show without candor, and you know it.

There are a few more comments like this in a Twitter post and other comments on social media. However, I think it’s worth noting that it’s not most people. Many people liked Wolfe’s post in support, including Jason Momoa, who will appear alongside Mike Wolfe in an upcoming episode of his own travel series. Instagram Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have sent prayer emojis and other comments, including encouraging messages such as “Prayers for all of you” and positive messages such as “appreciate it on many levels.”

However, since some fans didn’t react so positively to the post, it’s pretty easy to see why Mike Wolfe probably felt the need to add a caveat that now is not the “time to set a record” about what happened at American Pickers. Many people still don’t let Frank Fritz go, and the current star of the History Channel still hears about it, apparently all the time.

Mike Wolfe’s representative also spoke out in support of his client after some of these negative fan comments were made. He said, “The most important thing is that we give him time to heal and give [sic] him the space to do so.” I hope this will happen in the coming days.

We will definitely keep you updated if more information about Frank’s condition becomes available. Currently, neither Frank Fritz nor his representatives have spoken publicly about the stroke.


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