“Some of my Jewish friends are in shock right now,” Julia Fox Shares Her Opinion About Her Ex Kanye West’s Anti—Semitic Comments.


Julia Fox made headlines last year when she began to get closer to Kanye West after his breakup with Kim Kardashian. The model-turned-actress has been spotted at various public events with the musician, including fancy dinners. Although it seemed that they got along well and grew stronger, the relationship ended pretty quickly. After the breakup, Ye was embroiled in too much controversy over his comments about the Jewish community.

Last year, rapper Donda launched into a tirade on his social media when he called Defcon 3 because of Jews. He downplayed the actions of Adolf Hitler. The controversy cost him partnership deals with Adidas, Gap and Balenciaga. Now his ex-partner has told me what she thinks about his feelings.

Julia Fox doesn’t share the same opinion as Kanye West.

In a recent conversation with Elle, Fox said that Ye’s remarks scared her Jewish friends. When she met him, she never knew that he was capable of such hateful speech. “Some of my Jewish friends are shocked right now, and it breaks my fucking heart. I really, really, would never have seen him go in that direction,” she admitted.

The Italian also said that she was terribly sorry for everyone who was involved in the controversy. While Kanye West did make hate speech, which caused him to be publicly canceled and banned from social media sites, Fox believes that his family and children are not to blame.

The model-turned-actress starred with the rapper for only about a month. While she couldn’t stop talking about him at first, shortly after their breakup, the “Uncut Jewels” star chose Drake, not Ye, as her best celebrity!

You can still count on Rihanna

Despite the fact that Ye’s former partner and many of his friends, including John Legend, have turned away from the rapper, he can still consider Rihanna his closest friend. Pop singer Umbrella still supports Ye. She recently performed their hit All of The Lights at the 2023 Super Bowl.

Many fans claimed that her red outfit was a tribute to the producer. It was inspired by Ye’s outfit at the Donda audition party in 2021. In addition, her iconic floating stage was a reference to Ye’s performance on the Saint Pablo Tour.

Do you share the same feelings as rapper The College Dropout, or do you agree with Fox? Share it with us in the comments.


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