Some Oddities We Cannot Understand in the Sun


Scientists who researched the solar minimum phase of the Sun found that strange things happened in the Sun. These events, which are basically like a radio glow, cause some points on the surface of the Sun to be much warmer. Experts continue their work to illuminate the incident.

The year 2020 continues as we know it. After dozens of disaster news to date, it seems that the time has come to Güneş, our source of life. Recent statements made by scientists reveal “something strange” is happening in the Sun. However, it is not yet clear what these strange things are.

Scientists conducting studies on the sun have discovered a phenomenon unknown what is on the surface of the sun. This discovered phenomenon causes some areas of the Sun to be much warmer than average. Moreover, these discovered spots are spread over many parts of the Sun. Experts continue their work to reveal the details of the phenomenon.

The phenomenon discovered, according to experts, is potentially “radio glitters”. However, there are some situations that cannot be explained at this point. Scientists can explain radio glows in three different ways. The strange events discovered cannot be explained in either of these three ways. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at how radio glitters are explained.

According to scientists, we can encounter radio glitters, coronal holes in the two poles of the Sun, hot matter that pops out from the surface of the Sun, and strong magnetic fields. However, in recent developments, radio glitters were discovered that could not be explained by any of them. The scientist Juha Kallunki, who discovered the phenomenon, says that research should continue.

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Scientists discovered these strange events occurring in the Sun while studying the “solar minimum” period. The so-called solar minimum was believed to occur at 11 times in a period where the Sun has the least activity and under normal conditions. Recent research has provided some details about the solar minimum period as well as strange events in the Sun. For example, scientists no longer argue that the solar minimum phase has to occur every 11 years.

Making statements about the solar minimum period, Merja Tornikoski explained that they reached an important finding in their studies. According to Tornikoski, the Sun does not always complete this cycle every 11 years. Because the findings from recent research and unexplained events were clear indications that this cycle may coincide with different periods.

What will happen during the solar mimimum period?

According to the statements made by scientists, the sun has always shown an even decreasing behavior in the last four solar minimum phases. In fact, this situation also surprised scientists. Some people stated that this could cause disasters. But at least for now, there is nothing to worry about.

According to experts, if the Sun enters the solar minimum phase, more radiation will come into the Solar System. We may also encounter cooler weather, which can lead to severe storms. According to scientists, such storms can affect radio communications, satellites, and electrical networks. In addition, radiation emitted in the solar minimum phase may pose a danger to astronauts.


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