“Some memories may differ” — Do The Words of The Late Queen Sound Plausible? Psychiatrist Talks About Inconsistencies in Prince Harry’s Stock


The exit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family was chaos for both sides. After a long struggle, the couple was able to make their documentary series for Netflix, and Prince Harry published his memoirs Spare. The release of both of their productions was a disaster for the royal family. A psychiatrist named Dr. Max Pemberton remembered the late Queen Elizabeth II after reading Spare’s memoirs, given the inconsistencies and misconceptions they call for.


After their interview with Oprah Winfrey, the late Queen spoke about the allegations. She said the allegations were of “concern” and would be dealt with “privately.” She also said: “Although some memories may vary, they are taken seriously.” Pemberton spoke of the same psychological state of the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry made several factual mistakes in his memoirs due to distorted memories.

Although there is much talk about the memoirs published by the Duke of Sussex, Pemberton pointed out several factual errors in them. He said that this quote struck him the most: “There is as much truth in what I remember and how I remember it as there is in the so-called objective facts.” Continuing, Dr. Pemberton explained how volatile memories are. In modern society, subjective truth is more important than a larger objective truth, which is fundamentally wrong, Dr. Pemberton wrote in his article for the Daily Mail.

By giving an example of how he was with Prince Harry as his truth, the Duck will surely strike back with the real truth. However, he believes that the Duke does not seem to realize the importance of objective truth. He even gave an example of a study conducted after September 11.

The researchers asked people who were present at that time about their activities and where they were. A few years later, the researchers asked the same people the same questions. Surprisingly, the answers were 60% different from the previous ones. And the most surprising fact was that even after the researchers showed them the initial answers, people seemed to be stuck with their later answers. Here’s how Dr. Pemberton used an example to explain how memories change and create a different version over time.

What are the actual errors in the book?

Among the many factual errors, here are some of them that Dr. Pemberton mentioned in his article.

  • On his 13th birthday, the Duke of Sussex received an Xbox in 1997. However, the product wasn’t even launched until four years after its stated year.
  • The prince also mentioned that his wife Meghan Markle brought his father from Mexico to the UK on a first class ticket. However, the airline said they don’t even have a direct plane, let alone provide first-class service.
  • He mentioned that his stepmother leaked some information about the press conference. Although information remains publicly available that the information was leaked by her assistant.

All these mistakes did not surprise Dr. Pemberton much, because he understood how memories can be confused. There is a lot of research on the fact that memories are an unreliable source of information. However, the author of Spare did not realize this and made such subjective feelings and memories a source of information.

Having found out the psychological aspect of these mistakes, what do you think about the book? Have you read this yet? Share your thoughts on the same in the comments box below.


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