Some iPhone 12 have a green spot on the screen


The iPhone 12 is one of the most anticipated terminals of the year. There is no doubt that those from Cupertino have presented a good phone, but that does not mean that sometimes there is a failure. The build is good, but some users have seen that their iPhone 12 has a green blob on the screen. This draws the attention of many and two things are asked: why it happens and how it is solved.

Why is there a green stain on the iPhone 12?

This is the big question that affected users have. If you are one of the owners of a new Apple terminal, you may have recently found that the screen of the device has a green stain. And the funny thing is that they have done nothing to the terminal other than normal life and lower the brightness to less than 90 percent. That is when the problem is seen.

According to some users the error is reproduced randomly and it does not matter where you have purchased the terminal. Others say that this goes away after a short period of time, alleviating even a little that the device appears to be faulty. This is why the most direct option of many has been to send your device to the technical service waiting for the display repair, but the answer from the bitten apple is that a repair is not the solution.

Apple already works on the problem

The massive arrival of several terminals with this problem has only served to make Apple aware of it. From Cupertino they have already given a verdict and we have to hope that, indeed, a solution to the problem will be found quickly. Most likely, with a software update, everything will return to normal and all affected users will once again trust the good work of the company led by Tim Cook.

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Doing a little memory we must remember that this failure of the iPhone 12 green screen has not been the only one so far this year. It turns out that the iPhone 11 Pro also suffered a similar failure, which had the solution in one of the later updates of iOS 13. As we say, the company is already at work and it is a matter of time before the solution arrives.


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