Some “Game of Thrones” fans complain about “House of the Dragon” and the opening credits sequence, but others disagree


After a particularly bloody first episode of “House of the Dragon,” the second episode offered a bit of levity when the HBO spin-off finally showed off its vibrant opening credits sequence. HBO spent a lot of money on HOTD, and it showed up here; but the eruption of blood and more didn’t please every fan. It also seems that some—though not all— “Game of Thrones” fans are unhappy that the prequel reuses the iconic opening structure and GOT theme music.

The main complaints about the opening part of “House of the Dragon” are that: a. the new show reused the same musical theme from the previous show as b. the use of blood in the introduction was, as one Twitter user put it, “banal”.

so I just watched the opening credits for the house of the dragon, and I really didn’t like it. The blood looks ridiculous and so banal … and I was so excited to hear the main HOTD theme only for them to reuse the theme from game of thrones

Others seem much more out of shape due to the fact that the title song is being reused and don’t seem too upset about the use of blood, and one Twitter user compared what the show is doing to a fake example of Cheers and Frasier.

A spin-off show can’t just use the theme music of the show it was created from. Where would we be as a society if Fraser just reused the theme from Cheers on August 29, 2022.

Someone else intervened under this tweet so as not to say: “Or did the Jeffersons use the theme “Everything in the family”?” But I really think that the point of view that this Twitter user is trying to convey is controversial, because House of the Dragon can and did exactly that, and no one stopped them. One of the Twitter users also believes that an excellent composer works in the series, and reuse is a waste of Ramin Javadi’s talents.

I think there should have been new music in the opening credits. I understand nostalgia, but you have Ramin Javadi, let him WORK and CREATE. The music when Syrax arrives at Dragonstone still sounds in my head. GHOSTLY. A blood scroll? Perfection.

Good news? Not all haters. Some fans first of all admit that the original track is cool. For them, the “Game of Thrones Theme” or “Main Titles” do not need to be improved and changed. What were people hoping for? Would they have performed the same song, but only with wind instruments? (In fact, one reporter suggested the same title song, but adding “Lizzo’s flute.” Yes, really.)

However, another Twitter user “respects” the show’s effect for acknowledging that you don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken.

I’ve seen the Dragon House opening/theme leak before, and I have to say I respect the decision not to fuck with the classics on August 28, 2022.

Further, just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. In fact, these tweets dedicated to the new discovery are gaining a large number of likes. There are quite a few people who celebrate by sharing credits along with their thoughts.

The new opening credits of “House of the Dragon” look fantastic 🔥 I’m glad they decided to use the iconic song from “Game of Thrones” instead of creating a new one #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

My favorite tweet about Episode 2 in general is probably a meme.

Me, when the end credits of “House of the Dragon” started playing.

Next week, Episode 3 will appear on HBO and in the streaming schedule for HBO Max subscribers. We’ll have to wait and see what additional surprises await us, but I especially liked how the House of the Dragon decided to save time in Episode 1 and wait for Episode 2 to share this one of the ways the series will connect with its predecessor. Game of thrones. Hopefully there will be more subtle GOT hints that will interest people amid all the political gameplay and these much better looking CGI dragons. We’ll be watching, anyway.


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