Solved the mystery behind ARMY V’s interesting photos


BTS: In 2019, a series of photos of V adorning a uniform circulated on Twitter and the ARMY finally has some explanations about what was going on with the idol

BTS’s ARMY finally solved the mystery behind the tweet in a school uniform of V, aka Kim Taehyung, which was J-Hope’s birthday wish in 2019.

Find out below to find out why TaeTae dressed up as a handsome student, and more details about BTS’s future plans on The Truth News.

BTS brings back “Run BTS”

BTS’s Jin had recently revealed on Weverse, through a comment to an ARMY member’s post, that the septet had recently filmed a new episode of “Run BTS,” thus confirming the return of the beloved show.

For the unspoken, the last episode (Ep 111) of Run BTS aired on August 4, after which In the SOOP BTS was given Tuesday slot.

Now, Weverse has confirmed that Run BTS with Ep 112, which aired on October 20 of this year. The preview image used shows Jungkook, without his tattoos on his hands, dressed in a school uniform with a frustrated look.

Titled Dalbang School, we’ll get another look at BTS’s comedic / dramatic acting skills as seen during their ‘Back to School’ parody on Run BTS in episode 11, their ‘Cops’ parody on Run BTS’s episode 12 and his ‘Dalbang Dorm’ during episodes 73, 74, 75 and 76.

ARMY hopes that Suga’s alter ego, Yoonji, will return during episode 112. Check out the preview for Run BTS Ep 112 HERE:

The story behind V’s photo

Wearing a uniform similar to Jungkook’s was V during a 2019 photo tweet, which was shared by J-Hope as a birthday message for Kim Taehyung on December 30.

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The photos showed TaeTae posing as a handsome student adorning the uniform while his black hair wrapped around it.

We can also see through the reflection of the mirror that J-Hope, who was taking the photo, and RM were seen in uniforms similar to V and Jungkook while surrounded by multiple cameras. Therefore, the mystery behind Taehyung’s adorable image is finally solved, as the idols were filming the episode for Run BTS.


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